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A Supreme Mailer That Keeps It Simple
Providing YOU With Traffic To Your Sites.
Effective Traffic, Targeted Prospects & Commission!
This Powerful Site Will Increase Your Sales - Try It For FREE

Traffic-Supreme is a unique Text Ad Exchange & Mailer Program. Browse the text ads, click to earn advertising points, earn money -- it's really easy!

You can build a Supreme list and earn Commission at the same time!

Sign up for your free membership and receive $108.00 worth of advertising right now.

When you join Traffic Supreme you immediately get traffic to promote your offers (by way of the site members). In fact, you can start using the site right away.

What Can You Do With Your Free Account?

arrow Build Your Downlines
arrow Get High Quality Traffic Through Text Ads, Banner Ads And Solo Ads
arrow Recruit Affiliates
arrow Cloak Your URL's With Our Viral Link Cloaker.
arrow Post Text Ads Daily. Free Members Can Post 3 a Day, PRO Members Can Post 15 Ads a Day
arrow Send Solo Ads To The Entire Membership
arrow Promote Home Business Opportunities
arrow Earn Extra Traffic & Cash With The Integrated Traffic-Supreme Downline Builder!
arrow Earn up to 50% Commission

If you wish to promote and refer new members you can earn commission, paid directly to you, on anyone you personally refer who upgrades or buys advertising, on ONE LEVEL only. Upgrade and you can earn up to 50% commission!

We provide an extensive Affiliate Toolbox to help you reap those rewards.

If you have ever tried to build your own email list, then you know how difficult it is. It can take weeks, months or even years to get people to join your list. Now you don't have to struggle for years to build your own list. Traffic Supreme is your solution to building a powerful, effective and responsive email list.

Start sending targeted web traffic to your promotions TODAY!

At Traffic Supreme we have a strict policy concerning bouncing emails and regularly delete members whose email addresses 'bounce' (return emails to our email server as non-deliverable). To that end the number of members flucuates up and down, but it does mean that your emails are definitely going out to every current member of the site, so whatever the member count is showing, that is the actual number of members you can reach (unlike most other Ad Exchanges where the member count usually includes a large number of undeliverable email addresses, which gives a false impression of the actual size and effectiveness of the site).

Because of this we do not accept Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or other popular email addresses, as they generally don't deliver our emails. We recommened gmail, but then if you use any email address that doesn't receive Traffic Supreme emails your account will be deleted anyway.

So, get a jump on your competition by claiming your free membership and spreading the word to all your contacts about Traffic Supreme, before they ask you to join under them!

To Your Online Success,

Martin Ledley: Owner/Admin

Note: This is NOT a multi-level-marketing (MLM) site, matrix, pyramid scheme, ponzi site or anything resembling that kind of site. This is a ONE-LEVEL commission advertising site only. We do not guarantee you will make any money with Traffic Supreme because, as with anything marketing related, it is entirely down to how much time and effort you are willing to put into it that determines how much you get out of it. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Pro Membership

500 points on joining

30 points for every ad read

100 points for every solo ad click

500 points for every referral

Post 15 times a day

$4.50 for every paid referral

Price: $20.00 Lifetime

Sign Up Free, Then Upgrade Inside!

Free Membership

100 points on joining

10 points for every ad read

50 points for every solo ad click

100 points for every referral

Post once every 3 day(s)

$1.50 for every paid referral

Price: FREE

No List Email Addresses!
- This is NOT a Safelist! -

Please make sure you can receive email
from us, by using a free
Gmail account!

You may not use AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, or
any service that prevents email delivery!

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